Saturday, September 24, 2011


It's supposed to be Autumn now, and with that time marks the beginning of sweater weather. 

Yesterday's temperature here was 102 F.  Today is supposed to be "much cooler" at 86 F.  That makes it kind of hard to want to work with heavy wools.

My fingers have been itching to work on worsted yarn - been doing a lot of lace and socks lately and it just doesn't feel the same.  Not bad, mind you, but a completely different feel.  Lace and sock-weights dance on your fingers, like a light, delicate ladies' tea; while worsted-weight is heavier, like a substantial meal of hardy comfort food.  I'm ready for the comfort food, please! 

Yet, it's cooler here, but that means under 100 F (it's all relative).  Still not exactly Fall weather.   I need to move North.