Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I got an email yesterday that told me I have a new follower on Twitter. 

A follower?  I have a follower??  I had completely forgotten I set that up.  On top of that, I'm not narcissistic enough to think that anyone - me included - would really like to get continuous updates on my day.

Examples of imaginary tweets for a day in the life of Jen:

  • Got up this morning and made oatmeal for breakfast. It was good.
  • Almost stepped in cat barf - it looked amazing like the oatmeal I just ate.  Love those cats!
  • Lather, rinse, repeat...
  • Got to work early. Sometimes wonder AM ALWAYS GRATEFUL that my carpooler doesn't kill us each time he drives. Anger management, all I'm saying.
  • And a driver's safety course.
  • Why do I ride in with a crazy driver?  More knitting time, of course.
  •  Somebody had the WORST sour breath stinking up the coffee shop.  Remember, if you can't brush your teeth, breath mints are your friend.  And everyone around you as well.
  • Oh, heavenly coffee!!!   Coffee goooooooooooood....
  • Had to spend 10 minuets digging out my badge while balancing an oversized purse, a box of items for the office, and a cup of scalding hot coffee.
  • Got first stain of the day on my shirt.  Goodie.  Let's start the day out right.
  • Noticed co-worker A * humming tunelessly.  He plays drums in a band on the side, so don't really expect him to be able to carry a tune as long as he does it in beat.
  • Co-worker B has music on hold playing loudly on his speaker phone.  Music to coma by...
  • Just realized that co-worker A is trying to hum along with the music on holdHELP!
  • Plugged in ipod and cranked it up. 
  • Later realized that co-worker B put the music on hold on his speaker phone and LEFT THE OFFICE.  Dude...he thinks this is funny.
  • Unplugged c/w B's phone.
  • Tuneless humming from c/w A stopped.  Nirvana!
  • Went back to c/w B's cube and put in the top drawer of his desk upside-down, with all the stuff in it.
  • Re-plugged phone back in & turned the speakerphone back to MoH.
  • Listened to the sweet sounds of swearing coming from c/w B's cube when he opened his drawer.
  • LUNCHTIME!  Grilled cheese sandwich!  Yum!
  • Got back to desk and smelled something bad.  Did I get cheese on me somewhere?
  • Noticed a dirty gym sock (not mine) under my desk.  Seriously gross... 
  • Waited until c/w B left his desk and tied used gym sock under the seat of his chair.  Then left and washed my hands.
  • C/W B seems to have the sniffles.  Good luck finding your sock, buddy.
  • Time to go home and experience white knuckle driving at it's best. 
  • Keep trying to stomp on the imaginary brake but it's not working!
  • Home and safe at last! 
This is why I don't Tweet.  Had this been a real day - and some parts were - I'd have been too busy actually living my life to Tweet about it.  I also don't drop a Facebook post for each & every little thing either.   It's enough to work, spend time with family and all the things to do with that, and maybe have a bit of time left to knit.  I will be deleting my Twitter account.

Just as soon as I can remember how to get there.

* Names of co-workers have not been used to protect the innocent.  Or me.  They're both friends of mine as well as co-workers, anyway.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

The turkey is done and the pies have been eaten, the dishes have piled up and the groans of being over-full have been made.  Football games are over and plans for Black Friday are being made.

To me, Thanksgiving is about spending time with my family.  Too often nowadays, we all have separate paths and many other things pulling our attention and demanding our time.  Thanksgiving to me is a precious time to be with my family.

May your Thanksgiving be something for you to be thankful for!