Monday, May 24, 2010

The Clap

The Hubby was cleaning out the garage over the weekend and found, among other things, a "Clapper" device.

For those of you who have missed out of the educational TV ads, a Clapper is a device that allows you to plug in something (a lamp, stereo, etc.) and turn that thing on/off by clapping your hands twice. I don't know how we came to having this thing-a-ma-jingy in our house, but I do remember seeing it before it got put into time-out in the garage (usually the last step before making the long journey to Goodwill or the dump).

So after finding this little gem, the Hubby has hooked our little friend up to a light in our living room. He's been in there ever since playing with the thing.

CLAP-CLAP - the light comes on.

CLAP-CLAP - the light goes off.

And so on and so on.

Then I found out that if you clink your glass on the top of the coffee table it has the same effect. That stupid clapper has kept us entertained for hours, just looking for things that will work in place of actual clapping.

"Hey, do ya think that singing would work?"

"What about stomping your feet?"

Then the kids piped in, "What about burping?" (I drew the line at farting. You've got to draw it somewhere.)

We're so easily entertained. Next up is the bug zapper.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Why is it that anytime one of my boys tries to cook they absolutely tear up the kitchen? And they don't even seem to see it - it certainly doesn't bother them to have a dirty kitchen - and they absolutely do not clean up their messes.

I shuffled down to the kitchen this morning in search of some coffee. The coffee pot was buried, couldn't see it at all. It took me 40 minutes of path clearing to get to it before I could start my brew. That's SOOO not right.

My older (now technically an adult-just-ask-him-but-he-doesn't-have-to-listen-to-you) boy made pancakes for dinner last night. (I had left the building to meet up with some friends for drinks. Lovely, lovely margaritas with chips & salsa... Left the hubby at home, too.) There's now pancake batter all over the counter tops, dripped on the stove, dribbled on the floor and splatter on the cabinets and walls. I do not do polka-dots in the morning. Ever.

When I got home my good hubby pointed out the mess in the kitchen and about how pissed off he was at the boy who made the mess, but I just didn't much care after the margaritas.

Until I couldn't get to the coffee pot this morning.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday!

Note: this was supposed to be posted on 5/14/10. I must have been really enjoying those margaritas 'cause I didn't notice it hadn't been published until tonight (7/2/10). Oops.

Today had a great ending. Friends, food & lovely, lovely margaritas... I probably should't be trying ti type rigt now, but ish OK. (You know you've had too much when you can't remember your Ravelry user name. 'Nuff said.)

I do like margaritas, and I really like meeting up with friends I haven't seen in too long a time. We got to meet up and have drinks together like grown-ups. I've missed my friends. We've all been so busy that we haven't been able to catch up as much as we'd all like. But we fixed that tonight.

These are my friends from school. Not college - before that. The kind of friends who remember what your hair style looked like in the 9th grade (and still tease you about). They remember who your first boyfriend was and how many tries it took you to pass your driver's test. Those kind of friends. We've been through life's ups and downs together and I can't imagine better friends.

The start of today wasn't that great. It was grimy. Turns out we all had a grimy day today, so when the idea to meet up went around we all jumped on it. We shared appetizers and gabbed. I got to see new pictures of children and hear stories of what's happening with the new house and we all got to talk about how our day went. It was really nice.

Plus there were margaritas...did I mention that?

Hope you're all having a happy Friday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Link Added - Knitting Terms Translator

I just added a new link to the Knitting Help area - it's a link to a kitting language translator. Neat article on translating knitting terms into different languages, so when you're working on a pattern in Norwegian you can finally figure out what stitches are what!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Designing My Own (Really Long) Toe-Up Socks

I'm close to finishing the toe-up socks. This is from Margaret Radcliffe's article in June's Knit 'n Style magazine, "Design Your Own Toe-Up Socks".

I've been trying to get over my pattern dependency issue and this article came along at the right time. Used worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles to make thing move along quicker, but have ripped out the socks more times than I can count before I got what I wanted. Now I just have the cuff left.

I like the pattern/guidelines she gave except for the foot. She writes under the Working the Foot section: "Continue until the piece (foot) is long enough to reach the rounded part of the heel, directly below the ankle bone." I took that (incorrectly) to mean knit until the foot hits the end of your foot and didn't notice until I got back to do the heel.

So I can't read. Wasn't this little experiment supposed to be about getting away from the rigid absolutes of some stuffy ol' pattern? Directions, dischmections...I've turned into someone - cough, a man - who refuses to ask for directions or look at a map! I wasn't about to undo everything at that point and decided to continue on and figure out what to do with it all later.

Now my socks are about 1.5 inches too long for me, but fortunately they will fit my daughter, so not all is lost. Besides, this was just a working experiment anyway, right? I should finish them off and get them sent out to her just about the time she won't need socks that warm. I love it when a plan comes together...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! My youngest made cookies that spelled out "World's #1 Mom" (except the '#' fell apart). I thought that was very thoughtful of him. He was also very helpful later when he helped me eat them. :)

Mother's Day to me is not how much loot you get - face it, most of the stuff you get are things like macaroni jewlery, a hot wheel car from their collection, flowers stolen from a neighbor's yard or something like that. They'll make you a big breakfast and tear up the kitchen while they do it. So no, Mother's Day is not about the stuff.

It's about the kids telling you they love and appreciate you. It's a card they painstakenly picked out, or even better, one they made theirselves. It's about the hugs given with the grubby chocolate-covered little hands and the drooly kisses when they're babies. Later it's about them getting over their embassasment of having a parent around and getting a quick-before-someone-sees-me-doing-this hug before they move on to more imporant things, like a video game or hanging out with their friends.

Mother's Day is just a time when they stop, even if it's for just a moment or two, and remember Mom and all the things she does for them and how much they care.

I also get to go clean up the kitchen.

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad Magazine

I've always had bad luck with magazine subscriptions.

I usually receive the renewal notices before I even receive the first magazine, or I get the magazine in Spanish (that happened with National Geographic - it was kind of fun to look at & try to figure out what it was talking about). I've had magazines show up all torn up or not show up at all. I never know what I'd get, so I stopped subscribing to any magazines.

But I love magazines. They're fun. Quick reading and full of 1001 ways to clean with a potato or something like that (but not that I clean or anything - the information would probably be much more useful then).

So what am I doing ordering a subscription of Interweave? I think I'm testing fate to see what happens. The first issue is due to be sent June 1. We'll see....