Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Designing My Own (Really Long) Toe-Up Socks

I'm close to finishing the toe-up socks. This is from Margaret Radcliffe's article in June's Knit 'n Style magazine, "Design Your Own Toe-Up Socks".

I've been trying to get over my pattern dependency issue and this article came along at the right time. Used worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles to make thing move along quicker, but have ripped out the socks more times than I can count before I got what I wanted. Now I just have the cuff left.

I like the pattern/guidelines she gave except for the foot. She writes under the Working the Foot section: "Continue until the piece (foot) is long enough to reach the rounded part of the heel, directly below the ankle bone." I took that (incorrectly) to mean knit until the foot hits the end of your foot and didn't notice until I got back to do the heel.

So I can't read. Wasn't this little experiment supposed to be about getting away from the rigid absolutes of some stuffy ol' pattern? Directions, dischmections...I've turned into someone - cough, a man - who refuses to ask for directions or look at a map! I wasn't about to undo everything at that point and decided to continue on and figure out what to do with it all later.

Now my socks are about 1.5 inches too long for me, but fortunately they will fit my daughter, so not all is lost. Besides, this was just a working experiment anyway, right? I should finish them off and get them sent out to her just about the time she won't need socks that warm. I love it when a plan comes together...

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