Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday!

Note: this was supposed to be posted on 5/14/10. I must have been really enjoying those margaritas 'cause I didn't notice it hadn't been published until tonight (7/2/10). Oops.

Today had a great ending. Friends, food & lovely, lovely margaritas... I probably should't be trying ti type rigt now, but ish OK. (You know you've had too much when you can't remember your Ravelry user name. 'Nuff said.)

I do like margaritas, and I really like meeting up with friends I haven't seen in too long a time. We got to meet up and have drinks together like grown-ups. I've missed my friends. We've all been so busy that we haven't been able to catch up as much as we'd all like. But we fixed that tonight.

These are my friends from school. Not college - before that. The kind of friends who remember what your hair style looked like in the 9th grade (and still tease you about). They remember who your first boyfriend was and how many tries it took you to pass your driver's test. Those kind of friends. We've been through life's ups and downs together and I can't imagine better friends.

The start of today wasn't that great. It was grimy. Turns out we all had a grimy day today, so when the idea to meet up went around we all jumped on it. We shared appetizers and gabbed. I got to see new pictures of children and hear stories of what's happening with the new house and we all got to talk about how our day went. It was really nice.

Plus there were margaritas...did I mention that?

Hope you're all having a happy Friday!

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