Saturday, May 15, 2010


Why is it that anytime one of my boys tries to cook they absolutely tear up the kitchen? And they don't even seem to see it - it certainly doesn't bother them to have a dirty kitchen - and they absolutely do not clean up their messes.

I shuffled down to the kitchen this morning in search of some coffee. The coffee pot was buried, couldn't see it at all. It took me 40 minutes of path clearing to get to it before I could start my brew. That's SOOO not right.

My older (now technically an adult-just-ask-him-but-he-doesn't-have-to-listen-to-you) boy made pancakes for dinner last night. (I had left the building to meet up with some friends for drinks. Lovely, lovely margaritas with chips & salsa... Left the hubby at home, too.) There's now pancake batter all over the counter tops, dripped on the stove, dribbled on the floor and splatter on the cabinets and walls. I do not do polka-dots in the morning. Ever.

When I got home my good hubby pointed out the mess in the kitchen and about how pissed off he was at the boy who made the mess, but I just didn't much care after the margaritas.

Until I couldn't get to the coffee pot this morning.

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