Saturday, September 25, 2010


Starting to get used to the bi-focals - they're not giving me as bad a headache anymore. Guess I'm getting used to them.

(They still look funny though.)

I broke down and got a new camera. It's a Kodak 12-Magapixel Easy Share M530. I took a picture of the cat and all his little fluffy hairs are defined. (LOVE the pixel rate!) The problem is that the camera wants to automatically install the picture to the web (like Facebook, etc.) and I am WAY too much of a control freak to allow that.

I choose what gets posted and what does not. I'm very careful of what I post - first, I want to protect my privacy as well as my family's and friend's (my daughter on the other hand, will post EVERYTHING, even when I've asked her not to post pictures of me); secondly, not all shots are good. Most of my pictures are OK, some are outright bad. Why post anything other that good pictures?

Anyway, I will soon be putting up pictures of projects again - something I've missed being able to do. So as a teaser, here's the cat. If you double-click the picture you will see all his fluffiness.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Seeing Things

Well, I did it.

I've finally given in to the bi-focal glasses. I did it because of my knitting - I was having a really hard time knitting and watching TV at the same time - couldn't see the TV without my glasses on and couldn't see my knitting with them on. What's a poor girl to do?

Get bi-focals, of course.

The optometrist offered to get me bi-focals last time I was in, but I just waved the suggestion off because I didn't need them and only OLD people have them. Oh, little did I know what was in store for me. Mother Nature & Father Time sure have a way of turning things around on you, don't they?

Now I've got the new glasses and I haven't quite gotten used to them yet. I need to actually wear them but they give me a headache, so I don't like to. That little line makes everything blurry. Steps appear out of nowhere. But I can now knit while watching the TV, so my objective has been met.

I still don't like it, though.

(Oh, I'm gonna be such a pain at the nursing home...)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Squishy Stuff

While riding in the car this afternoon, my husband turned to me and asked, "So, how many projects do you have going right now?"

Me: "A couple. Well, actually, since I finished those last 2 pairs of socks I've only got 1 thing going right now."

Hubby: "Why don't you go get some more yarn?"

Me: "Huh?!" (Almost crashed into the car in front of us.)

Hubby: "Yup, (ignoring the fact that we can now read the small print on the tail lights of the Honda in front of us) - you've got some gift certificates that need using, don't you?"

Me: "Who are you and what have you done to my husband? I'm starting to have a storage problem, remember?"

Hubby: "Cut it out. (Loud snort from my direction) I'm serious. It squishes, right?"

Me: "What squishes?"

Hubby: "Yarn. You could squish it all up to store it."

Me: "Huh?"

Hubby: "In those plastic bags that use the vacuum to seal it up. You could store yarn in those."

Me: "So I can get more yarn as long as I can squish it up in a bag that sucks?"

Yup, it's official. :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Love Socks

I've decided that I love knitting socks. Just about done (just have the toes remaining) on the Belle Epoque socks. I've tried them on and so far they feel really nice. Pretty, too.

I'm bouncing around on another pair of socks, the toe-up basic sock by WendyKnits. You know, I didn't think I'd like - or even be able to work with - the size zeo's. As it turns out, I'm not only able to work with them without my hands cramping up, but I am enjoying them. Maybe it's the brand of needles - got the Addi Turbo Lace for the zero's - and they feel good. Making good progress, too - just up to where I start the gusset. They make a nice tight weave on the material.

That shrug I started still looks like something the cat threw up, so I'm going to unravel it and put the yarn in stash for future use. That pattern just did not work out for me. Well, not everything is going to be a winner the first time around.

Picked up some more sock yarn - going to make a new pair of Tabi socks since the ones I made for myself are a bit too big. Want to make a slightly smaller pair that fit snugger. I'll send the first set out to my daughter, so they won't go to waste (she wears a size larger shoe than me). They're funky, so she should like them, even though they are white and not her usual lime-green.

Knit on, folks!