Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Got the purple top-down raglan done to the bottom of the main section. Tried it on to check the length and realized that it was a bit...umm...well, snug.

Isn't this a pickle? I plan to wear this with a shirt underneath and don't like clingy clothes (I figure if it shows muffin top then it's too tight).   I'm just not happy with the fit.  So, I figure I've got two choices here:
  1. Keep it as is and hope I lose weight, or
  2. Unravel to the armpits and cast on additional stitches before knitting my brains out again.
My choice: Indecision has ruled the day - I decided to put it on 'hold' until I could either drop 10 pounds or work up the gumption to unravel the thing. Grrr....

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