Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slacker Update

I'm a slacker.  At least, a blogging slacker.  Haven't posted anything since late December.  Shame on me!

Updates on projects:
  • Finished seaming the red bulky cardigan.   I am still not a big fan of bulky yarn - I figure I'm fat enough without the added bulk of the yarn - but it doesn't look too bad.
  • Finished seaming a "Grandma blanket". (This was a gift my knitting group made for one of our own who has a new granddaughter. We each did a square and I was the lucky person who got to seam it up.)
  • Did a shawlette pattern out of a magazine
  • Made a hat out of the leftover yarn from the shawlette
  • Made a keyhole scarf from a pattern recommended by a friend. 
  • Started a new cabled cardigan
My goal is to use up as much of my bulky yarns from my stash in order to have a bit of room (my storage area is gone since my daughter moved home).  It's getting there but not fast enough. 

I think I may have learned how to crochet a little bit, and had a lot of fun with it.  There may be some crocheting in the future for me...

Pictures coming.

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