Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dude Alert


Hey, I live in California.  Not in the cool part like LA or San Fransisco, or in ski country or Napa with all that yummy wines.  No, I live in Sacramento.

Sacramento is the State capital, so that means we have a bunch of old guy politician shenanigans at best to keep us entertained.  But they don't live here.  They live in the cool parts of CA.  Even our Governors don't live here - the last one lived in Southern Cali and the current one lives in the Bay area. 

Sacramento amenities: there's Old town, Crocker art museum, etc., and a few other things, but once you've seen them you're kinda done.  Been there, done that.  So why am I ranting about Sacramento? Because it's still in California, and that means I still have the right to say "dude".

Yes, I'm a middle-aged white woman.  Fairly educated, a working professional.  When you use the word "dude" a few things come to mind, and none of them fit my image.  There's the surfer/stoner (some say the terms are interchangeable), high school skateboarder boy (again, sometimes interchangeable with the previous two terms), Duke Wayne or some other Western movie star, and teen-aged mutant ninja turtles - NOT a knitting Mom.

Don't care.      

The word 'dude' has so many different meanings, mostly by use of tone inflection.  For example, 'Duuude' can inflect disgust or to infer that the other person has done something truly heinous, like eaten the last of the Cheetos.  It can be a noun or explanation.  'Dude!' can be an attention grabber, like "Dude!  That other dude is about to grab the last of the Cheetos!"  It can be a remark of terror - "DUDE!!!!" (as in the car is about to go off the cliff).  Ever see the movie "Dude - Where's my Car?"  It's totally all in the tone.

So there ya go.  Dude.

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