Sunday, February 6, 2011


Pictorial update of projects:

1. Red sweater.  This is a Plymouth Yarn pattern, Cabled Cardigan, that I've made with Cascade 128 (the pattern called for Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed, but I would have absolutely roasted with that stuff!).  The Cacscade yarn dye ran (and ran and ran and ran).....but I was able to eventually halt the bleeding.  My son, Billy, is modeling. (I'm sure he's going to grow up to have all kinds of issues after being photographed wearing his mom's clothes and the pictures posted all over the Internet.)

2. Next up, the Malibrigo shawlette.  This was an adaption of a pattern in a British knitting magazine, Yarn Forum.  (I really like that magazine - the patterns are fresh and so clearly written.)  This shawlette used just a bit over 1 skein of Malibrgio worsted.

3. I used the remaining Malibrgio to make a hat.  No pattern, just a top down stockinette with a seed stitch brim.  (Yes, that is my dining room table and yes, those are tools in the background.  Hubby.)

4. In progress, a gansey sweater, Flyingdales, from the book, A Fine Fleece.   The yarn is Pattons wool (trying to use my stash up).  Pattern is done in one piece from the bottom up, dividing at the arm holes.  I've got the back just about done, then will do the front panels and do a 3-needle bind off.  The sleeves will be stockinette picked up and worked down in the round. 

5.  Another sweater is also on the needles.  Doing a Doris sweater KAL with some friends.  Doris is a very talented lady who "doesn't need no stinkin' pattern".  She's trying to teach us to use our brains and I, for one, am having a hard time with that idea.  No picture yet, only about an inch into it.

I also did up 2 chemo hats, but don't have any pictures and they've been donated.  (I try to do 1 chemo hat per month - it's fun because I can try all kinds of patterns and it uses up my acrylic yarn.) 

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