Sunday, February 13, 2011

Case Study

OK, I currently have not one - but TWO - sweaters on the needles, so what am I doing ordering yarn from KnitPicks?

'Cause I have a pattern that calls for super-bulky yarn and want to do it cheap. 

So I bought 4 balls of  Suri Dream yarn in a rich brown (it looked rich on the web site) called Fedora.  The yarn is described as "... a marvel of construction - brushed soft Suri alpaca is secured with a nylon binder that is wrapped in wool so it is hidden when the yarn is dyed. The rich colors are enhanced by the natural sheen of the Suri. The fuzziness is not tickly, just soft, and very warm. Ideal for any knit item that denotes "snuggly" to you..."   (Note: this is NOT an advertisement for KnitPicks)

Well...that sounds kinda complicated for yarn, but I like "snuggly" and the total cost (pre-tax) is $21.96 - just couldn't pass that up. 

Now, having never used KnitPick yarns I have no idea if it's worth even that much, but I figure worst case it looks like regurgitated dog food with the feel of a Brillo pad.  I'm only out 20 bucks with a lesson learned.

Worth the risk. 

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