Monday, August 8, 2011

Time Out for the Yucky Stuff

I've got a little problem - you see, I got a sweater's worth of Rowan Summer Tweed.  Figured, "hey, it's summer and I like tweed", and the composition of said yarn is 70% silk and 30 % cotton. 

I'm a sucker for silk.  I love, LOVE, silk but equally hate cotton.  Now, usually when you have a silk blend it's nice.  This stuff is not.

I hate it.  Awful stuff.  It works like a harsh cotton on my hands and has lots of vegetable matter in it (straw, I think - or hope).  It sticks like Velcro on wood needles.  I've tried to like it.  I would really like to like it.  I had it in mind for a nice little summer cardi, but alas, the yarn had other ideas.   

You'd think it would be good stuff - Rowan is like, famous, and it looked nice in the skein.  Truly disappointing.  So now it's the Time-out bin for the yucky yarn.  Maybe it will learn how to play nice while it's there.

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