Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Tawt I saw a Pudytat

Have you ever taken a drive on a beautiful mild summer day?  The kind of day where you could roll down the windows and put your elbow up on the door and enjoy the delicious cool air flowing up your sleeve and cooling off your arm pit.  Radio on with your favorite song playing, foot tapping to the beat. 

Then you realize that a bee has flown up your sleeve and things start going a bit different after that.

The other night I was sound asleep and was enjoying a wonderful dream - you know, the kind where you are doing something amazing and you look really good doing it - and I suddenly woke up with my eyes watering and was almost choking. 

Seems a skunk had passed right by our air conditioning unit outside about 2:00 in the morning and the smell got all throughout the house.  Just couldn't get away from it.  Made me glad to go to work that morning.

My biggest worry was that my stash would have the smell - but it's OK.  Whew...

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