Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ode to Pudding

Note: this is a non-knitting post today.  Fair warning.

Today at work we had a little pot-luck to celebrate the leaving (and promotional opportunity) of a co-worker.  He's a nice guy and everyone likes him, so people brought in delicious cookies, delicate pastries, and (supposedly) the World's most amazing cupcakes ever produced.

Seriously, everyone who tasted one of these gorgeous home-made cupcakes signed and stated that this was absolutely the most amazing cupcake they'd ever tasted.  Some did the happy dance, some looked like they had a food orgasm, and the rest just kept grabbing another one. 

I'm on a diet.  Normally, I would've been right in there with them, but I'm not eating sugar at this time.  None. 

Yes, it sucked.

Especially when they kept going on about how wonderful the cupcakes were.   I just sat there and told them very nicely that I wasn't hungry when I was really thinking "F-you and the little dog you rode in on!" for taunting me with the treats.

I knew they weren't really taunting me - it just felt like it.  I really wanted one of those cupcakes.  I almost caved but I told myself I would make up some sugar-free chocolate pudding when I got home.

I made it.  And it was GOOOOOOOD...........and so was I.

Diets suck.

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  1. Congratulations, Jen!!!
    You did it! :)
    I'm very proud of you as a role model!