Sunday, July 3, 2011

What's Up?

I think I've found the cure to my knitting slump.  I switched from doing top-down raglans to doing things with sock yarn.

I have a ton of the stuff.  I pick it up when it goes on a good sale, or as a souvenir when I'm traveling, or just because it's simply gorgeous.

Haven't done much with it after I get it home.  Oh, I occasionally pull it out and fondle it while oo-ing and aww-ing, but usually it just goes into my sock bin like it's a deposit at the bank that you can't touch if you want to make any interest on it.

I've changed things.

Firstly, I've been making socks.  Simple toe-up stockinette that shows off the pretty hand painted stuff.  These are also good while I ride in to work with my crazy-driver carpooler.  He's what you'd call an - umm - aggressive driver.  So I don't look.  I knit.  And pretend the driving doesn't scare me out of a year's growth.  Making lots of progress but notice my tension can be a bit tight.

Next up, I picked up a book on entrelac, "Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting".  I tell ya, I sure didn't know you could do all that with entrelac.  If you get the chance, I'd recommend taking a look at it.  Pretty cool stuff.

So for my second act of sock yarn knitting, I pulled out a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn and have been making up a scarf with simple entrelac. 

I've never worked with Noro much, because I don't like the feel of Kureon and see all the tie-offs in it, but I'm about 2/3's into the skein of the silk garden and have only run into 1 tie-off.  What I really like about the stuff are all the yummy colors.  The color changes make me look goooood, like I'm a way more accomplished knitter than I really am.  I think Noro and me are going to be good friends.

I'm also looking at Leaf Lace Scarf (from page 134 in the book) with some Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light yarn I had picked up to do some lux socks.  Pretty, pretty...

My famine is officially over.

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