Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tech is Good

Knitting can be a funny thing.  Couple of examples:

Got my regular email from Accesswatch, an email newsletter on the Microsoft Access program - tips & tricks, that kind of thing, and low and behold - a blurb for the author's esty site where she sells her handknit items.  (It then went back to the main point of archiving linked tables to another database.)  Whoa.  I'm in tech and always love to see another fellow techie-knitter.  Way cool. 

The Internet is your friend.  I'm currently working on an old Knitty pattern, Kernel.  This is a not-too-hard lace scarf but the chart shifts over on a couple of rows, which always freaks me out when I'm not expecting it (WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE REPEAT SECTION STITCH MARKER NO LONGER FITS THE STITCH COUNT?!?!?!). 

Basically, it moves over 1 stitch and so you then move your stitch marker.  OK, got it.  But then on row 11 of the 2nd chart I couldn't figure out why I didn't have 6 stitches to knit on the last bit.  Was the chart wrong?  So I went to Knitty, Ravelry and the author's blog site to see if there were any corrections (not a bad place to start before starting to pull out your hair).  Turns out the chart was right - I had just dropped a stitch.  Research is good. 

Again, technology helps out knitting.


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