Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goody, Goodie

Oh, my....

For those of you who know about my pastry addiction (and those who didn't know now do), I've just gotten back from my absolute favorite bakery, Mirabelle. Nirvana for the taste buds.

It's a little pricey and the coffee is not Chocolate Fish (my favorite coffee shop - hey, even that has the word "chocolate" in it!), but the pastries are the most amazing things I've ever tried. They also have wonderful crepes & entrees, too. Everything is good there. Trust a fat chick to know where the good places are to eat.

Speaking of the fat chick, my pants have been getting a bit snug. I've got to face facts and get myself straightened out. The Diet starts Monday. Sigh...healthy food. At least I can knit to keep my mind off the no sugar-low fat-low carbs-no taste thing. It's good for me.


So, why is it that when we think about going on a diet we start eating more? It's like before you go swimming under water you take in and let out several deep breaths before you take that last big one in that you hold. It's survival instinct. I've been preparing myself for the long winter where food is scarce. February is the "starving month".

Except that there's a McDonald's right around the corner and at least half the ads on TV are for food of some kind.

My ancestors were able to survive and continue their line because of this ability to store fat for the lean times. Now I have to undo thousands of years of gene evolution and create an artificial starvation time. Not fun. But necessary for my survival in this modern time.

I will know it's bad when I start knitting "cupcakes".

Really bad when I try to eat them.

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