Monday, April 12, 2010

What's Going On?

Quickie update:

1. Had a cold from my trip to Idaho (went to visit my daughter). Terrible weather but pretty scenery when it wasn't snowing. Besides, how often do you see snow in the high desert?

Before & After:

(BTW - the picture on the right was taken at about 3:00 pm. Soon after, it got to be white-out conditions. The weather sure turns fast there.)

2. Dropped everything to make my daughter a new sweater so I could give it to her there. It didn't fit her and she didn't like it. (But at least I didn't have to finish the sleeves - it's now a short-sleeved carti, lol.)

3. Completed 2 (soon to be 3) hats. Two are chemo hats and the other is for my daughter. (If she doesn't like it then I'm not knitting for her anymore.)

I saw a thread on Ravelry (By Hand Yarn group) where they're knitting up tons of charity hats and blankets. I'm a big fan of community service, so please remember those who may need a cozy blanket or cheery chemo hat, etc. As mentioned in the thread, a hat is fast and usually only takes a single skein or yarn or less to complete (Premie hats are even smaller - about the size of your fist - and only use a tiny bit of yarn. A fun and fast way to use up left-overs.)

4. Need to borrow my friend Stephanie's ball winder to wind up my stuff from Tess' Yarn. The skeins are soooo big that a regular ball winder doesn't hold it all, and I hate to cut the yarn if I don't need to. Then I get to start my EZ Green Sweater KAL- and it's for meeeeeeeeee!

5. Reminder to self: Finish up all the bits & pieces of the last few projects you had Knitting ADHD with - weaving in a few ends here and there, adjusting a collar, and finishing the last few inches of border on that lace shawl (I just couldn't deal with it any more!). Buckle down and get to it.

Does this mean I don't have to do housework anymore? :)

Happy Knitting!

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