Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Hat from Bottom-Most Pit of Nastiness

Stupid hat.

I almost got to the end of the 2nd chart on the Beaumont hat and realized that my hat did not look very much like the picture.

Or really anything at all like the picture.

This hat is supposed to have color popping out in graceful swirls of geometric patterns, a beautifully choreographed dance of colors. Mine looked more like a tweed pattern gone bad on an acid trip.

Seems I got off the color pattern a little bit.

This is where I started calling the hat all sorts of bad names. (Creative swearing at it's best - no one can do that like a knitter who's realized that her past week of tedious work was unrepairable and had to be ripped out - again.)

The hat didn't reply to my rantings and threats. It just sat there silently, taunting me with it's obscene tweedidness. I swore at it some more but the hat still said nothing. They don't, usually.

Don't know why that would be any different this time.

How many times can you rip out angora before all the fluffy parts go away? The only things that keep me going on this project is love for my daughter (the proposed recipient of this item) and my own stubbornness.

Updated score: Jen 1, Hat 3.


  1. Stick that puppy in the freezer to show it you are boss! Being stuck in a very cold dark place for a while should help tame the fluffy angora and make it cower in fear (heck, it works with mohair - should work with angora).

    It's just a lesson in patience.
    Good luck.
    Your friend -stephanie

  2. Steph,

    I've unraveled it (AGAIN) and stuffed it to the bottom of a dark bag for a time-out. Switched projects to a cute pair of tabi socks. They've been very good so far (unlike a fluffy little hat we know). :) Thanks for the advice!

    - J