Friday, July 30, 2010

Weird and Fancy

I finished one of the Tabi socks last night. Again, great pattern. It looks just like the picture - I used the recommended yarn, a washable wool/silk/polyamid blend called Regina. I like this stuff. It feels nice on the hands. Probably nice on the feet, too.

Yup, the pattern is really good.

It's probably even better if you follow the instructions more carefully than I did. I got a little confused when separating the big toe from the rest of the toe section - there's a spot where you "make 6" and then add the new stitches to the holder for the big toe. I added them to the main toe section by mistake.

So now the big toe part on the right foot is a little snug, but I can live with it. This is now a feature rather than a mistake, 'cause I'm not going to undo the work at this point. Don't the Amish deliberately put a mistake in their work because only God is perfect? Hey, I can do that.

Rather proudly, I showed the finished right sock to my boys and asked what they thought of it. Teenage boys aren't too caring about their Mom's knitting projects (unless it's for them), so I should have know better. But I didn't and asked anyway.

Older boy: "Weird..." He wasn't too sure of the separate big toe and wondered why I would make such a thing. He then turned back to his video game.

Younger boy (after seeing his mother's look of disgust given to his brother): "Fancy, Mom".

Already my younger boy know how to deal with women better than his older brother.

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