Saturday, August 7, 2010

Knitting for Myself

I've been doing some knitting for myself receintly. I normally knit for other people. I like the process of knitting, but honestly, I live in California and so I really don't need much cold weather stuff.

Since I am actively trying to lose weight (24 pounds so far), I don't want to make any sweaters for myself right now. My old ones no longer fit, but I want to shed more weight and feel I should wait until I have met my goal, or have at least steadied out. So, that means I get to work on socks, shawls, etc.

I finished the Tabi socks and let me tell you - they're really fun to wear! I like the pattern so much I think I may make my daughter some. (I know, I get a pattern I like and then do it over and over...) I also finished a simple scarf with a funky yarn - AslanTrends "Tango" with the color "Rust Paradise" (it has nice big slubs at a fairly regular interval - makes for a cute look). I cast on 18 stitches on a size 15 needle and went with a garder stitch until I ran out of yarn. This color is gold, red, and brown - lovely Fall colors - and should add a nice bit of color to a sweater or light jacket this Autumn.

Next on the needles is a shawl pattern from Knitty, the Colonnade Shawl from Fall 2009. I made this before with some cheap acrylic yarn and it turned out looking like a 70's poncho reject. I did like the lace part even with the bad yarn, so I decided to try it again using better stuff. Trying it with Jojoland Rythm, a cute superwash that changes all these really cool colors.

Been thinking about starting another pair of socks, but I need to finish this shawl first. That's OK, it will give me time to think about what kind of socks I'd like. I have some soft, pretty green yarn to work with - maybe some cozy cables? Hmmm... I think the decision process is sometimes just as fun as the knitting process!

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