Monday, August 16, 2010

Knitting is Cool

I sat in a coffee shop this morning - no, it wasn't anyplace really cool like Naked Coffee or my favorite, Chocolate Fish - I like the independents - it was Starbuck's, but it was all about location today.

I had about an hour to kill while I was waiting for my son to finish some things nearby and a coffee sounded nice. As I sat there waiting I watched the people in the shop. They were all very busy looking, typing away at their laptops (I'm sure it was something impressive) or talking in a group of two or three people, looking glamorous and vibrant.

There I was sipping coffee while trying to figure out how to open the fruit and yogurt parfait cup Hey, it was hard - they had a separate container for the granola. I was trying to pry that section out and was educated by the nice girl at the counter when she simply lifted the granola section out of the main cup. Embarrassing...

Anyway, here were all these important people doing all sorts of important looking things and there I was just trying to open a plastic cup. I felt I was way out of my league. Then to make things even more frumpy for myself ('cause I'm normally such a glam girl), I pulled out my knitting.

I had people coming up to me. Me! Asking about the yarn and the pattern I was using, comparing which needles we all liked, etc. I met one lady who was really into sewing and had just started sewing knits and I discussed stash habits with another woman who had just gotten back from Filati's big sale. It was so cool! The hour passed by quickly and I felt like I was hanging out with friends. Could have done that all day, I had so much fun.

Knitting just has this magic way about it bringing people together, doesn't it?

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