Sunday, August 22, 2010

Diets Suck

Since I have been on a diet I've lost almost 30 pounds. This means that most of my clothes no longer fit. ALL of my handknit sweater no longer fit, but it's OK because it's summertime in Sacramento. I don't want to start any new sweaters because I intend to lose more weight. That just makes sense, doesn't it? I think so.

But I've been itching to work in a heavy worsted/bulky yarn. I love making sweaters. Instead I told myself to concentrate on things where size is not so much an issue, like socks or shawls. I also told myself to not buy any more yarn for a while until I have my out-of-control stash under better management. I have plenty of yarns to work with while I'm off making sweaters.

So, to keep myself more interested in socks, I ordered the "Socks from the Toe Up" book by Wendy D. Johnson. Going toe-up makes sense since you can just stop when the yarn runs out. Very practical.

I received the book (ordered online) and opened it up. Such lovely patterns! Then I noticed the needle size for that pattern. It was a 0.

I don't have any 0's. Never used them. I generally like the the 7-13 size range. The smallest I've ever tried were a 1 and it felt like I was knitting with toothpicks. A 0?! Yikes! But maybe there were other patterns that used a larger needle. I was optimistic until I kept turning the pages.

Next pattern - 0. The next one the same. Panic set in as I realized that every pattern in the book called for a 0. Then I got to the last section in the book. Those last 3 patterns use a size 2 needle. Whew! Saved at the very end.

Then I got to thinking, maybe I could try a 0. The material would certainly be much better for socks, more sturdy, durable and all that. OK. I'll try it. Except I don't have any 0's.

The it hit me - Filati's was having a great anniversary sale. I didn't need any yarn but I could go with a friend who had a gift certificate burning a hole in her pocket and get some needles. Cool.


Why is it whenever you put yourself on a yarn diet the most fantastic sales come up? I found some beautiful bulky yarn for about $3.00 a skein to use for a yummy cable sweater I've been wanting to do in a gorgeous burgundy. It had my name all over it, so I bought it (I know - shame on me!). I took it home and did a test swatch to see how the gauge was. It matched perfectly! Oh, how exciting! I almost never get gauge on the first try with the size stated. That sweater would become a reality...

...except I'm not making myself any new sweaters right now.

The yarn is now sitting there looking so lonely. It wants to get used for that cute cable sweater but it can't right now. So sad...

But I got the needles - two Addi Turbo Lace circulars size 0 and a set of dp's. My heart's not in it, though.

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