Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ode to Socks and Summer

I'm really getting into socks. Still working on the size 0 (that's ZERO) needles and am actually having a good time with 'em. Took them with me to my son's Back to School Night and knitted during the whole thing. That's the fun part about being a parent - you can get away with stuff like that at school.

There's a new group in Ravelry, Frankensocks, that I just joined. The group is taking all the bits and pieces of left-over sock yarns that you have hanging around and putting them together in some kind of a sock. All while reading Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, which I have to say I've never opened. Book club & KAL starts in October. Sound scary yet?

I can't believe that August is gone - it feels like the Summer never really got going this year and now it's gone. September is when the playtime of Summer turns to the responsibility of Autumn. It's when the oppressive heat eases up with a sigh of relief. The last of Summer produce but the start of apples. Halloween. The crispness of November air. Fire going in the wood stove. Steamy hot chocolate on a cold afternoon.

Almost sweater-making time...

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