Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When the Bleeding has Stopped

I got a big jug of vinegar and have successfully stopped the bleeding on the red cabled cardigan.  I'm now waiting for it to finish drying so I can seam it up.  The process went something like this:

Daughter to my husband: "Uh, Pop - what's up with Mom?  There's this big pot on the stove and Mom just put her new sweater in it.   And the place smells."

Pop:  "Not sure, I think she said something about boiling her sweater.  I don't ask too many questions about what she's doing -  it's safer that way."

Daughter: "And the place smells like...pickles?  What is that smell?"

Pop: "It's vinegar."

Daughter: "What?"

Pop: "Yeah, she's boiling her sweater in vinegar."

Daughter: "Huh?  Why...(looking around)...uh, nevermind."

Pop: "Exactly."   

All goes to show you - they CAN be taught!

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