Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Found out yesterday that my daughter is moving home.  This week.   Like Thursday.  We knew she would be moving home sometime this month, but were not prepared for it being this quickly.

Her room had been converted over to a storage area/knitting/sewing room/guest room/cat sleeping area.  Don't care that much about upsetting the cats, but I have no place for my knitting stuff (left the sewing stuff in the closet - she doesn't really need a closet, does she?).

I now realize that I have a LOT more knitting stuff than I thought I had.  A lot more.  I have to go on a yarn diet until I have more space to store it.  That sucks.  But, I will take the opportunity (see how I can spin this into a positive thing?  Almost scary!) to go through my yarn and get rid of the stuff I don't really like.  If I'll never use it then why am I holding on to it?  Get rid of it and get something I like.

The other plus to this (besides my daughter coming home - yeah! I won't be the only female in the house anymore!) is that now I finally have all my knitting stuff in one room.  Can't get to it because of all the other junk, but I can almost see it... 

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