Saturday, April 2, 2011


I was doing my laundry today, when my husband asked me if he can throw in a few things "since I only have a couple of things and they needed to be washed in the same cycle as the load you are doing". 

This translates to: "I don't want to do my laundry and let's see if I can get Jen to do it for me".  

Let me make it clear: no one likes to do laundry, not even their own, let alone someone else's.  (Bubba, if you're reading this, lemme tell ya that if your significant other tells you that they LIKE to do your laundry they're either lying or you are totally zonked.  Your pick.)  BUT, laundry is a necessary chore to keep your clothing and household linens clean.  Proper fabric care can extend the life of your items and keep them looking good. That works for me since I can't go buying new stuff all the time.

So with that in mind, I am testing a 'soak' cycle in the new washer to see if it will work for my handwash 100% non-superwash wool items.  It had a little bit of agitation, so I am unsure if it will work for my wool sweaters.  I don't want to felt up something I spent a lot of time creating because of careless laundering.  I think the next test is to 'soak' a test swatch or two and see what happens.

As for my husband's laundry, I did it with a smile.  And used the lavender-scented soap.

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