Thursday, April 14, 2011

T-Shirts for Knitters

As I go through the boards at Ravelry, I'm inspired to make up a few T-shirts.  These were all pretty much lifted directly from the Selfish Knitters & Crocheter's group, direct quotes:

  • "Bowling is the perfect sport for knitters because you can knit between turns and there is beer."

  • "You had me at knitting & beer."  (Editor's note: Notice a theme here?)

  • "Kiss my sticks"  (Response back to the Editor.)

  • "I use DPNs a lot- multiple needles confuse the muggles"

  • "Knittin’ NINJAAAAAA!"

  • "“No. I won’t stab you with these pointy sticks, because the yarn ON these pointy sticks is worth more to me than your life. I don’t feel like getting blood all over my (insert project here) that I have spent hours on. So you are safe. For now. Until I bind off…”

Knitters are fun.

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