Friday, April 15, 2011

Yarn Break-Up

Been working on the February Lady Sweater and got to about the 3" mark on the lace pattern using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted

I don't like it.  The yarn is totally lost in the lace work. 

Been getting a bit disappointed with this yarn.  While it's probably all my fault for not being able to pick out a design that can properly display the amazing colors, I'm starting to feel like it's turned into a high-maintenance sheep of a yarn.  Yeah, it looks pretty on display in the skein but it's not pulling its own weight when it comes down to it.  

I think I may need to have a break-up talk with my yarn for this pattern.  Something like, "Hey, can we talk?  Y'know, I've been, it's not you, but we just aren't working out the way I had hoped.  Your colors look dulled and there's absolutely no 'POP' in our relationship anymore.  You deserve better -we both deserve better than this.  But don't worry, you'll find another pattern to shine in.   Really."  

Anyway, the pro's are that I like how the colors of the yarn work in garter stitch, and I like the pattern.  I could continue on as is - it's OK, but the problem is that it's  just  OK.  Not spectacular.  Not doing justice to either the pattern or the yarn. choices are:

A - Continue on as is.

B - Rip out entirely and use yarn in a different pattern.

C - Rip out to the lace section and replace that section with a different stitch.

Choice A is out.  No point in continuing - I don't like it.  So I'm down to B or C.  At a minimum I'll be doing some ripping, but how far to rip?  I could also add choice D to the mix - rip back to the lace section and redo (the lace) using a different yarn.   Hmmm.....

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