Monday, March 1, 2010

Stitches West 2010

Stitches West - you know - Stitches!

For those who may not know about this event, this is an annual knitting/crocheting/spinning/fiber event that has classes and more vendors than you can imagine - and I got to go for the very first time this past weekend.

Stitches West is located in Silicon Valley. I'm a big techie so I got very excited when I drove past the Oracle building (so pretty!) and the Yahoo headquarters (oh, yeah, baby!). It sent tingles of excitement down my spine, I tell you.

But I was not there for the tech side. I had a job. I was temporary help for a yarn booth. My friend Stephanie got me a gig at Tess' Designer Yarns (web site: The first thing I can say about this place is: Oh, my! I got to play yarn shop girl in a booth with the most amazing yarns. And here's the kicker: I got paid in yarn!!!

My husband wasn't so impressed with this. After I told him about the deal he said "You're paid in yarn?"

"Yup. Isn't it great?"

"But it's yarn."

"Uh-huh! Yarn is good."


He just didn't get my enthusiasm. (I got paid in yarn!!! Hey, I'm easy.) What do husbands know?

Anyway, it was a lot of work - I certainly earned the yarn I received - but it was also a lot of fun. I enjoy talking to people and seeing what projects they wanted to make with the yarn they picked out.

There's a lot of creative people out there and I think I may have helped most of them in my time as a yarn shop girl. Now it's back to work, but I've got some gorgeous yarn waiting for me to make something with.

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