Friday, March 5, 2010

UFO Attack

I've been working from my UFO bag (UFO means "Un-Finished Object") and dug out some socks I had started for my husband about a year ago. These are on size 1 needles and with a dark yarn. It's kind of like trying to knit on toothpicks in the dark.

I messed up at the heels, noticing that the heels are on the wrong side of the fabric (I usually knit inside-out when knitting in the round. Don't know why - it just feels better that way. Maybe to get a surprise at the end of the project? I dunno...). Anyway, I managed to un-do the rows I reversed the work and started again. By now, my fingers and hands have cramped up into scary claw-like things and I've switched from my normal classical or jazz I like to knit with over to hard rock. That I save for doing tasks that I don't like doing but that need to be done, like housework. I know things are not going well when I start playing Beasty Boys.

Time to take a break.

Made myself a cup of decaf and figured a little typing would be just the thing to help relax the tension from my hands. It's working, too. Looking at those needles I think that I've pulled out bigger splinters. Some people love the tiny needles ("I never knit with anything larger than a 000." Show-off.) Not me - about the smallest I like is size 3, my favorite is a 7-8, and I really don't have a limit on the upper range.

How about you? Assuming anyone actually reads this blog, what size needles are you favorites and what range do you like best?


  1. oh, come on Jen. Ones are not that bad! My favorite needles are 2.5 (Addi #1). 8 is tolerable only for charity hats. Anything larger than a 6 makes my wrists hurt.

    I've ordered a big yarn ball winder. It's on back order - as soon as it comes, how about starting our Green Sweater KAL?

  2. S - one Green Sweater KAL coming up! If everyone has their yarn, why don't we look at starting next week?