Saturday, November 13, 2010

Billy's Hoodie

I was out with my youngest son on Thursday - he'd outgrown all his sweaters and needed to pick up two for now.  He only found 1 that he liked and then turned to me and said: "Mom, I really like your sweaters - would you please make me one?"  Who could resist that?   Gotta love this kid!

So we picked out a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern - #105, the Neckdown Hooded Pullover for Men.  These patterns can be found in local yarn shops, but here is a link to the web site -  The pattern I'm using is on the right side.

Once we picked out the pattern we ran over to Shelby's Place and my son picked out the yarn, a tan/brown color Greenland (I liked the russet color much better than the tan color my son picked out, but it's his sweater, so we went with the tan.  He does the typical guy thing with colors - brown, black, grey, dark blue or deep red. and PLAIN patterns only, please.). 

This yarn fits the gauge (4 stitches per inch using a size 9 needle) and is a true worsted yarn, 100% merino wool.  (to see the difference between a worsted and woollen yarn, please see    This sweater will be used walking around school and will go camping/hiking/fishing with my son and receive all kinds of abuse, so the Greenland was a good choice.  It may be a bit scratchy at first, but will soften up with washing and will really hold up.  Billy is nothing if not tough on clothes.

Once again, may I rave about the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns?  (Sure I can - it's my blog, after all, lol.)  These patterns are so well written and easy to follow.  You can get creative and change things up if you'd like with a texture stitch pattern to the overall garment or just go as written - I think I'm going to add a big front pocket.  These patterns just make sense.  I also love the way she starts things: "cast on firmly" - too much fun.  

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