Saturday, November 20, 2010


Billy's hoodie progresses.  This is just a basic garment.  No fancy stitches or colorful yarn, just the way he wants it.  When do guys learn to like "guy" styles and colors?  This thing is light brown done in plain stockinette.  No variegation in color.  No texture other than the yarn,  BORING!

I will tell you, it's showing all the different tensions in my gauge.  Different times of days or places (I even took the project with me to the movies last week; glad I did, too -  the movie was terrible and it gave me something to do, although knitting in the dark was really different) make my tension uneven and it's showing.  Billy won't care, but it is interesting to notice.  Oh well, I try to learn something new with each project, so I guess this is it for this one.

Got the body of the sweater done and now have the sleeves and hoodie left.  I may run out of yarn, so I'm going to get the sleeves done next, so if I need to get more yarn the hood won't really matter.  This sweater will be taken camping, hiking, get fish guts on it, be covered in mud, and should be able to stand up on its own after it comes home, so it doesn't need to be fancy, just sturdy. 

Here's my challenge to you: try knitting something very simple (like stockinette) and see how your tension is at different times of the day, locations, stress levels, etc.  It's pretty interesting to notice.

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