Monday, November 29, 2010

Hoodie Done

Update on Billy's hoodie: it's done. Just finished sewing on the buttons.  Here it is:

Likes: Pattern is fantastic (Knitting Pure and Simple pattern - #105, the Neckdown Hooded Pullover for Men) - as the norm for a KP&S pattern.  Knitted up quickly with size 9 needles. 

Dislikes: Used Cascade Greenland yarn - thought it would be sturdy enough for Billy to take this sweater camping & get fish guts all over it, etc., but it pilled up terribly after the first wash.  (The yarn got nice & soft, though.)  Boring color, but it's what he wanted.  I did suggest to my son that he get a couple of his friends to pick off the pills, picturing something similar to chimpanzees picking lice off each other, but the analogy missed him.  Oh, well - it's probably for the best.  He's messy enough as it is.

Would I do this pattern again?  Sure thing.  He's going to outgrow the sweater in a few months anyway, so I might just do it again for him next year, but with a different yarn.

Next on my dance card is finishing up my red cardigan,  the cabled cardigan #1791 from Plymouth Yarn Company.  I had finished the back & right front before I put it down (got bored with it).  Finished up the left front last night and decided to do the three needle bind off on the shoulders, even though I was so tired I could barely see.  The results: the seam on the wrong side and the front pieces attached to the back on the wrong sides.  I didn't realize this until I took a look at it this morning, either.  The moral of this story is not to knit when you're that tired. 

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