Sunday, October 4, 2009

How It Started

A friend of mine showed me how to knit 3 years ago, shortly after my Mom had a stroke. There were many hours spent in the hospital next to Mom's bed, waiting for a doctor to come in, a test to be done or just for Mom to wake up (stroke victims sleep a lot after the event). It was an extremely stressful time.

I couldn't concentrate on reading, TV, cross-word puzzles or anything, just too worried about Mom to focus on anything. Knitting gave my hands something to do while chatting with Mom or waiting for something - and there was always something I needed to wait for. Knitting helped me to stay sane. It was something I could DO while I felt so incredibly helpless.

After Mom recovered, I enjoyed knitting for letting me feel like an artist. I can create things of beauty and substance. It's fun and I've met some great friends through my hobby. This blog is devoted primarily to knitting (although I reserve the right to post subjects other than knitting), mainly so I don't bore my non-knitting friends to death. It's a knitting thing - non-knitters just wouldn't understand.

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