Sunday, October 25, 2009

Progression of the Shrug

I had a dream. It was to complete a beautiful shrug for my 19-year-old daughter, something young and vibrant. Here's the project from start to finish.

This pattern was a top-down shrug using a super-bulky yarn. My friend Laura told me that the top will look like a square from the neck side, and she was right. The picture is not the best, but it shows how the top is squared out and the rest of the garment is worked down from that start:

The increases were in front and back of the sleeves, which I thought was very clever. These were the EASIEST SLEEVES EVER!!!!!!! I may have had problems with sleeves in the past (they usually kick my hind end), but I have ABSOLUTELY no problems here. I'm in love!

The finished product as modeled by my youngest son (the poor kid deserves a metal for being so patient with his crazy Mom):

And I found the cutest button at Babetta's! With this button I tell my daughter that I love her every time she buttons up. (Sappy, isn't it? A mother's prerogative. She can deal.)

I loved doing this project. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast & easy. If you haven't made a sweater before it would be a wonderful first sweater project. I've washed the shrug and will send it off to my daughter this week. I hope she likes it!

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