Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Morning

Ahhh...Saturday morning. I've fed the animals, started the laundry and am now sitting here relaxing with a cup of tea.

I have major housework planned for today, but right now the boys are off at a Scouting expedition and Hubby is still snoozing, so I have the house to myself. There's no place I need to be or thing I need to be doing right now. It's a rare thing to have this luxury.

Don't get me wrong - there are a hundred tasks for me to do. The carpets are a mess (I will be shampooing them today) and the yard has that scary Halloween neglected look. I have fun things I need to do, too - knitting calls to me and I've been seriously neglecting my books and TV shows. But those can wait. It's quiet here. I can hear the ticking of the wall clock it's so quiet. The windows are open so I can hear the outside world. It's very soothing.

The housework can wait a bit longer - my cup of tea is calling.

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