Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy as ...

Well, I'm as happy as a (insert your favorite expression of happiness here: "pig in mud", "cat in cream", "teenager in new video game", etc.)! In the mail today arrived not only the new Knitpicks catalogue but the EZ Green Sweater pattern I ordered! It feels like Christmas all over again.

I have started a new project - a red sweater for myself. The Guild is challenging us to wear something red that either we knitted up or someone knitted up for us in honor of Valentine's day. The pattern I'm using is "Hey, Teach!' by Helene Rush, which is a free Knitty download ( Using red Encore (as usual!), a wool/acrylic blend, for ease of care.

I have the back piece mostly done and I like the way it's knitting up. My work so far:

I need to get this done for the February Guild meeting, so I'm gonna scoot & knit. Later!

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