Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update on Valentine's Day Sweater

I finished the back and started on the front two panels. I do two of anything (sleeves, socks, front panels, etc.) at the same time so they are the exact same size, pattern and so forth.

After my knitting group I noticed the the left side was a few rows higher up than the right side, and had repeated a section the shouldn't have been repeated at that time. Oh, boy. I got so irritated at myself for doing this that I put the work down and DID NOT KNIT FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS. Anything. Nothing. It was like my hands had been amputated or something.

Lesson learned here: Do not bring anything to knitting group that requires any kind of thought. Bring simple garter or stockinette stuff. That way you can chat with your friends without worry of what will you mess up this time while you ignore any fun conversation. Boo!

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