Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movie Time Fun

My Aunts sent me a blue-ray movie, "Julie and Julia", that they had picked up by mistake thinking it was a DVD. I loved the book and have been looking forward to seeing the movie for a while. I started watching the movie this morning and have still not finished it. It's now 5:15 PM.

The remote for the blue-ray machine went missing about 15 minutes after we set the thing up. (I wonder if one of the cats ate it or something - we'll never know for sure.) This means that once a movie gets started you can't pause it. You can stop it, but once the movie gets back on play it starts all over at the beginning again. Between phone calls, lunch outings, and picking up boy scouts, I can't seem to catch a break. I've seen the beginning about 6 times now.

Why don't we just get a universal remote? Because we only have 2 blue ray movies, including "Julie & Julia", and the old DVD remote works the start and stop functions. We also think (or used to) that this is kind of funny in an irritating sort of way.

I think I just need to stick to knitting...

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