Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Sewater

It's finally started to get cooler here - its' currently 53F and supposed to have a high of 58F. I ended the weight loss part of my diet a few days early because I came down with a cold, so the cooler temperatures combined with the weight loss part of my diet being over means it's now sweater knitting time!!! Who knew getting a cold would make me so happy?

I had a moratorium on knitting any sweaters until I'd stabilized in weight. I'm now down 46 pounds and will stay there for at least 6 months until I go for more loss, so it's time. Very few clothes fit now, and that's both good and bad. Good because I can get new stuff and bad because that costs money. But I'm in better health with fewer pounds (overall, cold not withstanding), so I think I can deal with it.

I picked up a sweater pattern a few months ago that I've been wanting to try - the cabled cardigan #1791 from Plymouth Yarn Company . I then found the yarn on sale AND had a coupon and got it for about $3.00 a skein. The pattern calls for bulky alpaca but I substituted Cascade 128 in a lovely cranberry color. I got the exact same gauge and the alpaca was about $14.00 a skein with less yardage. The determining factor was that I would have heat stroke wearing a bulky alpaca sweater (alpaca is SOOOOO much warmer than wool), so even if the softness and drape is not as nice, I had to go with the Cascade.

I generally don't like working with bulky yarn, but I really liked this pattern. The carti should work as kind of a light jacket for this area of the country. It's a bit too warm for indoors but should be nice for going from the car to somewhere. Got about 8 inches done on the back yesterday. Size 10.5 needles makes the work go fast!

Also on the needles is an EZ Ribwarmer Vest using all my bit & pieces left-over Encore yarn. A friend from work and I are doing a KAL with this - I can't wait to see what she's done with hers!

So, cold or no cold, life is good. I'm working on a nice, meaty sweater and a vest, my radio station is playing good music again with little talking, and the weather is getting cooler. Hope you all have good knitting, too!

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