Saturday, October 2, 2010

Almost Went to Lambtown

Almost went to Lambtown today, but changed my mind at the last minute to stay home and paint my son's new room. (Big brother moved out & the oldest remaining child at home gets the big room. It's his turn now.) I'm glad I stayed home - I wouldn't have been able to do this if I'd have gone. It's a shame, but I'll go next year for sure.

So I've painted. And moved out furniture & stuff, prepped & taped, and washed down shelves. New electrical outlets have been installed along with a new light switch (been wanting to do that for a while now. Old house.). Still need to do the trim on one side and we're putting up a photo wall mural on the last wall, but that's for tomorrow. If I can move, that is. Right now I'm too tired to even knit.

A few years ago I would have been able to get this done during the week after work and still been able to bounce up and move the next day without a second thought. Funny how that changes as you get older. I'll probably be in bed by 8:00 tonight. It sucks getting old.

Party on. I'll join you in my dreams.

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