Sunday, December 13, 2009

Addding to the List

My goal this weekend was to finish the last of my Christmas projects. I did not do that. Instead, I have added to my list of projects. How did this happen? I got a new book - "Norwegian Handknits" - and I just have to make some mittens now!

This is a cute little book that not only has patterns but also has history and cultural background on Norwegian knitting as well. I like that in a book.

Too often we get caught up in patterns and overlook the how's and why's a particular style was developed. Most of the time it really doesn't matter - I just dig history. Other times it can make a big difference in how you knit up a garment, using one technique over another.

One of the things I learned so far from this book is that sweaters were considered underwear there. UNDERWEAR!!! Can you imagine? They'd wear a vest over the sweater and a coat on top of that. (Probably because it was butt-ugly cold and they had no central heat - just a dinky little fire going in a corner somewhere. Brrr! They should have moved to Hawaii.)

Remember kids, learning is cool. (Or warm, if you learn how to knit...)

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