Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Christmas Goose has Left the Building!

Christmas is over, the presents opened and the treats eaten. I actually finished the one UFO due yesterday but totally mangled the other, so I caught a nice after-Christmas sale to replace the item. Thank goodness for the post-Christmas sales!

My 19-year-old daughter has chosen the most gaudy-awful colors for a hat/scarf set she wants me to make - neon lime-green and black. I feel like we're back in the 80's with these colors! I'll do the project, but only under protest, and will be glad when she matures to like real colors!

Speaking of yarn, my friend Doris has made a New Year's Resolution to not buy yarn for 6 months and just use her stash. I don't think I could last that long, but I think I will try something more on the "use what I've got first before I buy more" line of thought. I've got too much stash (I know - I broke the cardinal knitter's sash rule and said it!), and so of course all the yarn stores around here are having absolutely fabulous sales today. I don't need anything, but it doesn't mean I'm not itching to get out there. We'll see how long I last...

Has anyone made any New Year's Resolutions yet? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Jen, I'll go yarn shopping with you!

  2. I'm trying to use my stash! Although, I may need to get some yarn for the EZ Green Sweater KAL...