Saturday, November 21, 2009

Afghan Sampler Knit-a-Long

We were discussing doing a sampler afghan at our knitting group today. I've been thinking about getting int o a knit-a-long for a bit now, and a sampler afghan sounds perfect. Do a whole bunch of techniques we've all been wanting to learn and put all the squares together at the end and have a nice throw to show for your efforts.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Except one of the ladies there mentioned that the squares should all be the same size and then started to figure out how many squares per throw ("We could either do a 4 foot square or a bigger rectangle..." Then she started doing some math and totally lost me after that...)

I like the idea though. I'd like to brush up on fair isle and entrelac, and others want to do cables, mosaics, knit-one-below, etc. This will be an intermediate to advanced level project (no garter or stockinette squares). Great idea! Except...who's going to organize it? How do we choose the patterns? Oh, dear....anyone have any ideas? More to come later...

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