Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yarn Discussions with Hubby

My husband, who knows little to nothing about knitting (and really doesn't care - he only makes an effort because I like it), commented to me today about my newest project. He likes the way the yard changed colors - he thought it "looked right".

Me: "It looks right?"

Him: "Yeah - the stripes are all straight 'n stuff."

Me: "Honey, it's self-striping yarn. It kinda does that on its own, like a 'smart yarn' or something."

Him: "A 'smart yarn'? Oh. Well, it still looks good, anyway. You got the stitches all straight."

Me: "All of them?" (Trying not to laugh.)

Him: "Yup. Ya done good, hon!"

Bless that man. I'm sure that I sound the same when talking to him about his video game:

Me: "Wow! You're doing really well there."

Him: "I just got killed."

Me: "Well, you did really well before you got killed..."

Him: (Trying not to laugh) "Really...?"

Gotta love that! Knit (or video game) on!

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